Life Coaching

Life Coaching

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This Life Coaching Program is made up of a total of 8 Neocognitive Coaching sessions. 

As your personal Coach, I will guide you in a creative and non directive process, which will enhance self-discovery in you and in which I will invite you to take action to achieve whatever goal you set for yourself. 

Through a 360-degree vision that globe the emotional, mental, linguistic, bodily, social dimensions and the relationship with the environment, I will provide you with the necessary tools to promote reflection in you, the awakening of consciousness (unplug from the Matrix ) and decision making in order to achieve self-realization in any area of ​​your life. 

The formula is simple, you will go through: 

Current Situation (Present) - to - Desired Situation (Future) 

Wait no more, contact us today and you will see results from the first session!

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